BatteryMINDer 12248 Review

For people who are looking for smart technology, and advanced battery chargers that work quickly without much effort, then this unit may be the perfect answer.

For 12-volt charging requirements, the BatteryMINDer 12248 is an ideal choice. It has several safety features that make it user-friendly, and it will not overcharge a battery.

It can charge any 12-volt battery, including dry-sealed and wet varieties. It will charge any number of vehicles and equipment, including motorcycles and boats.


BatteryMINDer 12248 Main Features


  • Low-Amp Charge
  • Safety
  • Several Battery Styles
  • 3-Stage Charge
  • Desulphator


Low-Amp Charge


When a battery is charged at a low amp rate, it can help to prolong the life of the battery. Users can select from 2, 4 or 8 amps to charge the battery, as well as a trickle charge setting.

It will keep your batteries on a steady charge, even when you don’t need them, and they are not in use. Whether it’s for a sump pump backup (when the power goes out in a rainstorm,) or for your motorcycle that you only ride once a month, the BatteryMINDer 12248 will not let you down.




The unit comes with several safety measures in place, which protects both the user and the battery. Overcharge protection and reverse-polarity protection are the two key safety features of the BatteryMINDer 12248.

If the polarity is reversed, the unit emits a red light indicator, and charging will not start until the polarity is correct.


Several Battery Styles


The BatteryMINDer 12248 will safely charge any 12V type and size of lead-acid battery, including dry sealed gel, wet, maintenance-free spiral and AGM. The built-in safety system ensures that the batteries will never be overcharged.

Users can select from 2, 4, or 8 amp settings, by simply pushing a button.


3-Stage Charge


There are 3 stages involved in the charging of a battery using this unit.

1) Constant Current: In this stage, the battery gets charged to approximately 80% of its capacity.

2) Constant Voltage Absorption: This means that the voltage is maintained at a pre-set level.

3) Pulse with Modulated Float: The voltage is maintained at a constant level; if that level drops below 95%, a pulse of electricity is injected. This helps your battery maintain satisfactory levels, even when it isn’t being used.




The built-in desulphator automatically dissolves sulphation, which can cause a battery’s life to shorten considerably, and lessen the power. It uses a sweep pulse technology in high frequencies in order to accomplish the desulphation.

This is commonly used for batteries that have been sitting for a long period of time and has lost all power.




This unit is light and compact, weighing just over 3 pounds. It is fully transportable and can go virtually anywhere.

The power cord is 6 feet in length, making it suitable for most charging jobs.

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  • Can safely charge a battery 70% to 200% faster than other conventional models.
  • 3-Stage Charge ensures a 100% charge, every time.
  • Maximizes the life-span of all types of lead-acid batteries, including maintenance-free Gel and AGM.
  • Push button technology allows users to select charge and type rates for a variety of sizes and brands of 12 volt batteries.




Consumers who bought the BatteryMINDer 12248 also find the BatteryMINDer Volt Battery temperature sensor an ideal companion. When the two items are used in conjunction, it can double the life of a battery. It senses the temperature of the battery and automatically adjusts the output.

The Battery Tender Ring Terminal Harness with Quick Disconnect Plug is also a popular accessory. The 18” cord adaptor will help with those hard-to-reach batteries.




It is small and compact, making it an ideal companion on the go. It can travel anywhere and is extremely light.

Using smart technology, this unit can charge virtually any 12V battery, including riding lawn mowers, motorcycles, ATV’s, cars, and other recreational vehicles.

The 3-stage charging process ensures that the battery is charged to optimum levels, and prolongs the life of the battery.

Low amp charging means your battery will last longer.

2, 4, 8 amp settings allow for a range of uses.

Safety features such as protection against over-charging and reverse-polarity mean that it is safe for all users, even those who are not as knowledgeable about charging and batteries.




It is not recommended for 12V aircraft batteries.

Because of its compact size, the unit may not be as durable as larger, heavier models.


Consumer Reviews of the BatteryMINDer 12248


Several review sites such as Overstock and Amazon have many consumer comments raving about the BatteryMINDer 12248 charger and its superior performance.

Most people love the smart technology features, and the 3-stage charging process. They have also posted that they appreciate the fact that it can charge any type of 12V battery.

Some consumers have stated that they thought the price was a bit high, until they received the product and tried it for themselves; they now think it is well worth the extra few dollars, compared to competitors who may be selling similar products for less.

Some consumers report having bought more than one, to store in different locations and for different batteries and equipment.




At the time of this review, the BatteryMINDer 12248 was available for the price range of $100 – $130, plus shipping.

The BatteryMINDers website has it for sale at $159.95. (price may vary and you should double check before purchasing this unit)




The BatteryMINDer 12248 is a quality battery charger that can replace all of your older models. The safety features and smart technology are state-of-the-art and are suitable for all users, both novices and professionals. The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to store and transport wherever you need it.

The price is reasonable and offers you good value for your money. As long as you are not going to use it for an aircraft 12V battery, it can be used for virtually anything else. The low amp charger will help to prolong the life of your battery, and the unit can bring batteries back to life that have been dead and unused for long periods of time. It can provide a constant charge, making it ideal for recreational or seasonal vehicles.

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